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Michael Moore - alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, melodica
Harmen Fraanje - piano
Clemens van der Feen - bass
Gerry Hemingway - drums, percussion

You travel, you get ideas. A time, a place, and unsolicited information coming in. Flesh it out, give it to musicians and there you have it.

1. Lolapalooza - based on an idea stolen from Gabija Bartulyte's wonderful 'Ask Me Later When I'm Drunk'.
2. Fenix Blue - a blues as blue as the Mediterranean sea
3. The Meliae - milk & honey for the infant Zeus
4. Europa - goddess of the moon, Zeus' love
5. Doldrums - when nothing seems to be moving
6. Leaving Paleochora - getting on a bus, starting the trip home
7. Eugenia - a 'Brazilian' waltz
8. Pussy Willow - Salix, harbingers of springtime
9. Content (for Saul Leiter) Saul Leiter: "Being ignored is a great privilege"
10. A Little Box of Jazz - the word Jazz should contain multitudes, but too often people but a little box around it, and don't let anything in or out
11. Klee - for Paul Klee. You look at paintings, you get ideas…
12. Rola-Turca - a dove omnipresent in the Alentejo region of Portugal - (o. oo…ooo, repeat)
13. Slowly, slowly - something to leave with….