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Michael Moore

NDR Big Band:
Felix Meyer, Ingolf Burkhardt, Claus Stötter, Sebastian Stein - trumpet, flugelhorn
Dan Gottshall, Klaus Heidenreich, Stefan Lotterman - trombone
Sebastian Hoffmann - bass trombone
Fiete Felsh - clarinet, alto sax, Peter Bolte - flute, alto sax
Gabriel Coburger, Konstantin Herleinsberger - clarinet tenor sax
Luigi Grasso - baritone sax
Florian Weber - piano, Sandra Hempel - guitars, Ingmar Heller - bass
Tom Rainey - drums, Marcio Doctor - percussion
Tim Hagans - conductor

When Marcio Doctor, percussionist with the NDR Big Band in Hamburg, Germany, called me to ask if I would be interested in a collaboration, a whole world of possibilities opened before me - I could not believe my luck! A week rehearsing, recording and performing with a big band of expert musicians/instrumentalists/improvisors - this could not happen anywhere else! Rather than making a whole new repertoire I decided to revisit some older pieces. The two arrangements of Henk Meutgeert have been previously played by the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw. All the others, of Christian Elssäser, Frank Carlberg and myself were specially commissioned by the NDR for this project.

1. Sweet-Briar/Southwesterly - a medley of two recent pieces written for my 'Fragile' Quartet
2. Igor - a tribute to Stravinsky originally on 'Tunes for Horn Guys', (Ramboy #08). The collective improvisations were exciting.
3. Anomalous Soul - a piece Fred Hersch, Mark Helias and I first played on 'Chicoutimi' (Ramboy #06).
4. Brunheiras - recorded a few times before (Ramboy #04, #23). Christian Elsässer's arrangement is very beautiful - I wish I could write such a lovely chord as the one at the end of the first phrase!
5. Odin - another trio piece from 'Bering' (Ramboy #11); We did with this one with my 'Bigtet' a few years ago. Fiete plays fantastic!
6. Fogo von Slack - a trio for clarinets (Ramboy #08).
7. Shotgun Wedding - An Ellingtonian mood piece originally written for Available Jelly (Ramboy #07). Henk Meutgeert's arrangement brings out the best.
8. Providence - 1977 on the train from Boston to New York City under the heavy influence of Dewey Redman (Ramboy's #1, 2 & 26). Frank Carlberg laid down his quirky magic on this one, and Claus Stötter & Klaus Heidenreich made it sound as if we could hear each other!
9. Trouble House - 'Dylanesque', big thanks to Sebastian Stein and Sandra Hempel for their wonderful playing on this one. (Ramboy #24)
10. Sanctuary - from the first recording of the 'Fragile Quartet' (Ramboy #25), for my mother, Tam Moore, who speaks only truth and kindness when faced with falsehood and hate.