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Michael Moore - alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Eric Vloeimans - trumpet
Marc van Roon - piano
Paul Berner - bass
Owen Hart, Jr. - drums

‘Working within the traditional quintet line-up for the first time since 1988, this time with an NL based group, and creating intriguing moods’

"As for the quintet record, Moore pairs himself with a list of (likely) unfamiliar, but no less accomplished Dutch players: trumpeter Eric Vloeimans, pianist Marc van Roon, bassist Paul Berner, and drummer Owen Hart, Jr. The program offers a reflective, restrained sensibility that highlights both ensemble and solo work and smolders much more than it burns. Moore's melodic concentration appears immediately on the quiet elegance of “Osiris” or the splendid lyricism of the pensive “Here, Right Now”. Special mention should be made right away of the excellent work from Vloeimans, who thrives in his role as Moore's front-line counterpart, as well as adding several memorable solos. Vloeimans' showpiece is definitely “Ishi—the 5 Bows Incident” where he creates drama that evokes shadings of Dave Douglas or further, his nimble work on the jagged terrains of “Movement Specialists”.

But for the subdued nature of the performances, the ensemble does manage to excite throughout, particularly on the restlessness displayed on “Playboy”, which displays Hart's keen depth—both when setting the fluid time or lively rumbling. Hart also lays down powerful rhythms on the urgent flow of “Tallwind To Kyele”, a workout for Moore's bass clarinet and Vloeimans, as well as the tricky “Movement Specialists” and the record's most varied piece, “Culture Warriors”.

Folks that have been watching Moore for years know that he is an unpredictable artist and one look at Ramboy's discography will bear this out. Osiris might be his most enchanting record yet—full of rich tapestries, strong ensemble playing, and compelling solos from Moore and the others, it is truly a delight, especially for those that don't need shtick to enjoy their music."

Jay Collins, One Final Note.