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Michael Moore - alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, melodica
Ernst Reijseger - ‘cello
Danny Petrow - guitars
Nick Kirgo - guitars
James “Sprocket” Royer - bass
Michael Vatcher - drums

Possibly the last version of this ensemble with two electric guitars and electric bass, with beautiful guitar playing and repertoire input by the Los Angeles based Nick Kirgo.

‘Even considering his Dylan interpretations with Lindsey Horner and Michael Vatcher, The Persons is as close as Moore has come on record to a rock band. Which is not to say that's what they are; the septet plays long, horn-dominated instrumentals. But the presence of two electric guitars and Vatcher's sometimes-heavy drums makes them the hardest driving of Moore's bands, and a new recording under the name is a welcome surprise, coming some 15 years after their last. The under-acknowledged Franky Douglas was a selling point for the earlier records, but he's ably replaced here by guitarists Danny Petrow and Nick Kirgo, who amplify (literally) the moves from delicate moments to clean spitfire to heavy attack, and the new interpretation of the old tune and Clusone staple "Love Henry" is an added happy surprise’.

Kurt Gottschalk - All About Jazz