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Michael Moore - clarinet
Fred Hersch - piano
Mark Helias - bass

A foray into stillness with old friends Hersch and Helias; partly inspired by Jimmy Giuffre’s trios of the early 60’s and the Lee Konitz/Gil Evans duets.

"With his trio, Moore focuses entirely on the clarinet and does so with clarity of tone as his utmost concern. Like the Giuffre sessions, this is elegantly slow and methodical, except for brief passages where Moore extracts a crashing bombast from the tunes' underlying calm (as on "Bruce"). With calm elegance in mind, Moore has chosen wonderful compadres, since Fred Hersch is able to tangle with the darkest depths of improvised music in patient, deliberate order that smacks of Paul Bley's subtle sense of improvisation's possibilities. I broke out my copy of 1961 to compare these two, and the aural display is at once so taxing and so relaxing that all I can say is Moore's homage rivals the original in its stark beauty, its careful complexity."

Andy Bartlett, Cadence, September 1995