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Michael Moore - alto saxophone, clarinets, recorder, celeste, melodica, bird calls
Ernst Reijseger - cello, recorder
Danny Petrow - electric guitar
Franky Douglas - electric guitar
James Royer - electric bass
Michael Vatcher - percussion, hammer dulcimer

A live recording of a concert in Bremerhaven, Germany on the day that the U.S. invaded Iraq in 1991. There was lot of tension in the air as there had been anti-American demonstrations in nearby Bremen earlier in the day. An unusual Persons line-up which included Curacaoan guitarist/composer Franky Douglas.

"The Persons appears to be Michael Moore’s and Ernst Reijseger’s foray into jazz/rock territory. On Live During Wartime, the twin guitar attack (Danny Petrow and Franky Douglas) reinforces this especially since both are prone to gonzo, feedback-drenched solos. But looking beyond that (for those who aren’t disposed to that sort of thing), there’s still some solid music being made. The interplay between Reijseger and the guitarists is satisfying and surprising. It’s good to hear a muscular cello trading phrases or setting up a counterpoint to a guitar.The compositions are another point of interest. Although they may start out one way, they frequently go off on unexpected tangents. “Caiada” starts out as a bluesy rock tune but ends up as a duo between Moore (on bass clarinet) and Reijseger. The rhythm section of James Royer (el b) and Michael Vatcher (d, perc.) lay down solid, flexible rhythms. Ultimately, this is a very satisfying set. And who can argue with a title like “Round Tempered Gracious Moons of Heroic Ecstasy”? "

Cadence, November 1993

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