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Michael Moore - alto sax, clarinet
Eric Vloeimans - trumpet
Marc van Roon - piano
Paul Berner - bass
Owen Hart, Jr. - drums

This second, live recording of the ‘Osiris’ quintet displays a deeper understanding between the players, and, in the compositions, a wider range of influences’.

"Recorded in 2008 at the Lantaren Theater in Rotterdam, the quintet recording starts off with Moore's saxophone and Eric Vloiman's trumpet shadowing each other through a delicate melody. Marc van Roon sprinkles in accompaniment at the right moments on the piano and delivers a solo that would not be out of place on say a classic post bop Blue Note recording. Tittlich is a light and full sounding introduction to a delicate, yet tough, album.

Solstice begins with a certain solemnity and a gentle swing that feeds off its own restraint. As the song picks up, the tension that has built up reaches a pulsating apex with Eric Vloeimans' trumpet solo, and it's quite a pay off. A return to the more subdued head closes the song.

After a collection of compositions along a more classic jazz vein, the tune Switz seems to switch into a group improvisation mode. Most of the interactions between the musicians seem generally unpremeditated, though there are some unison lines between the two horns that give the piece an anchor. It's an exciting late development in the album and sets the tone for the last couple tunes."

"" - Paul, freejazz-stef.blogspot, May 2012