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Michael Moore - clarinet, alto saxophone
Alex Maguire - piano

A foray into the duo format with English piano virtuoso Alex Maguire.

"This CD release on Moore's Ramboy label documents his duo with Alex Maguire for the first time. Maguire is an excellent pianist with frames of reference spanning many areas of jazz, improvised and classical musics, faultless in technique and tasteful in implementation. He is featured here with American clarinetist/alto saxophonist and composer, Moore, who has been an Amsterdam resident since 1982 and enjoys a pivotal role in the space where European/American improvised musics meet. The musicality of these players should dispel any misgivings any listener new to this kind of music might have: it is, pure and simply well played, entertaining, exciting, occasionally funny, and unpredictable, a recording for active listeners with open minds and hearts."

Musician, March 2001

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"1/2" - Downbeat