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Jodi Gilbert - voice, dulcimer
Michael Moore - clarinets, alto saxophone, tin whistle, melodica
Alexei Levin - piano, accordion
Ernst Glerum - bass
Michael Vatcher - drums

A very eclectic mix of folk and original compositions and improvisations featuring the voice of Jodi Gilbert. With Alexei Levin, Ernst Glerum and Michael Vatcher."

A combination of folk and improvised music is a credible option, as Ken Hyder's fusion group Talisker so memorably demonstrated. The Voice is the Matter pursues these strands, but keeps them more or less discrete. So, on one track Jodi Gilbert lends her voice to a traditional Appalachian number. On others she sings Macedonian and Bulgarian folksongs, and the Irish air "My Lagan Love". Elsewhere, she scats in sub-Shelly Hirsch mode. Moore, Glerum and Levin, with occasional help from drummer Vatcher, show equivalent versatility, shifting from abstract freeplaying to gentle chamber pieces, broadly reminiscent of ZNR. The result is an attractive patchwork, which sounds entirely consistent internally, despite its variousness."

The Wire, October 1998