'Moore explores the boundaries of many musical traditions, moving them into common ground, not of form, but of feeling and depth, giving his music a universal quality which is hard to describe.' - freejazz-stef.blogspot.nl - March 10, 2009
Ramboy is a record label founded by Michael Moore in 1991. The first two releases offer an explanation of the label's existence; Ramboy #01 - "Trio Clusone" became the calling card of a working band, and Ramboy #02 - "Home Game" by Michael Moore Quintet had no home at the time. Since then the label has been used to document Moore's musical activities; sometimes working ensembles, sometimes special projects.
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   This is chamber music composed and performed by three people. To describe it any other way would be to accept the whole patrilinear packet of western music history which so conveniently divides us all into composer, performers, improvisors, listeners, jazz musicians, etc. This music is traditional: we are part of the international and. more specifically, Dutch improvised music traditions. As in much of contemporary music the form is organic; what could be better than decisions made in real time? The music is about timing and texture; the sounds that we make and how they interact with each other. The written material is used more as a point of reference than as an entity to be faithfully reproduced.