'Moore explores the boundaries of many musical traditions, moving them into common ground, not of form, but of feeling and depth, giving his music a universal quality which is hard to describe.' - freejazz-stef.blogspot.nl - March 10, 2009
Ramboy is a record label founded by Michael Moore in 1991. The first two releases offer an explanation of the label's existence; Ramboy #01 - "Trio Clusone" became the calling card of a working band, and Ramboy #02 - "Home Game" by Michael Moore Quintet had no home at the time. Since then the label has been used to document Moore's musical activities; sometimes working ensembles, sometimes special projects.
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We are pleased to announce the arrival of 'The Gift', or vol. 2 of 'Amulet', the recent duo recording by Paul Berner & Michael Moore These two are combined in the 2 CD release Ramboy #39 Amulet available October 1st.

The Gift is available for digital download September 3rd on Bandcamp